Resale Package

Dear Real Estate Agent:

The Crawfords Ridge Home Owners Association Board of Directors understands that you are the agent selling a property located in our community. Please note that Crawfords Ridge is an Age Restricted Community in which the age requirement is 55+ or 48+ with no children under 19 years of age. The guidelines are included on this page under “By-laws and Covenants.” Additional information on age restricted communities can be found on the internet under the Fair Housing Act or The Housing for Older Persons Act.

This content is password protected. In order to obtain the password, please contact the Crawfords Ridge Board of Directors. There is no fee for the Resale Package.

By purchasing the package, you will receive the information required prior to settlement.

Once you purchase the package, press here or select DOCUMENTS under the Resale Package heading in our home page.